2012 London Olympics

Franchised dealer for 2012 London Olympics precious metal products

2011 Universidad

Franchised manufacturer and dealer for 2011 Shenzhen Universidad precious metal products

2010 Shanghai Expo

Franchised dealer for 2010 Shanghai Expo precious metal products in China

2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

Franchised distributor for 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games precious metal products

2008 Beijing Olympics

Franchised manufacturer and dealer for 2008 Beijing Olympics precious metal products

Qian Shaowu—renowned carving artist

Born in 1928 in Wuxi, Jaingsu, Qian Shaowu entered National Peking Art College (now called Central Academy of Fine Arts) in 1947 and went to Repin Academy of Fine Arts in The Soviet Union to study carving in 1953 and graduated in 1959, becoming a carving artist. Now he is the professor of department of sculpture of Central Academy of Fine Arts, president of Sculpture Institute of China National Academy of Painting, a member of Art Committee of National Urban Sculpture and a member of Sculpture Committee of Chinese Artists Association.

Liao Jingwen—director of Xu Beihong Museum

Born in 1923 in Changsha, Hunan, Liao Jingwen was a librarian at China Academy of Art in Chongqing and entered Ginling College at Chengdu. After she married Xu Beihong in 1945, she assisted his work and took care of his life, which was recorded in the biography she wrote The Life of Xu Beihong. Liao Jingwen has been the person in charge, director, research fellow and head of Xu Beihong studio since 1957. She is also an art consultant of Gofu Gold Company.

Ma Weidu—founder of Guanfu Museum

Born in 1955 in Beijing with Rongcheng, Shandong as the ancestral home, Ma Weidu is a member of China Democratic National Construction Association and professional collector who has started to collect ancient Chinese artwork since 1980s with a collection of ceramics, ancient furniture, jadeware, lacquerware and metal works. As a speaker of Lecture Room on CCTV and supper best seller, Ma Weidu earned RMB7.45 million royalty income in 2008 and ranked the 5th on “ 2008 the third Chinese writers’ rich list”. He currently provides Gofu Gold Company with art consultation.

Zhang Fang—famous artist living in America

Born in 1958 at Beijing, Zhang Fang is the son of Zhang Songhe, one of the founders of new China’s sculpture industry, and graduated from the department of sculpture of Central Academy of Fine Arts. He’s been living in America since 1989 and is a member of the council of Overseas Chinese Artists Association in America. He used to attend assorted exhibition at home and abroad and his sculptures have been collected in America and Italy. He currently provides Gofu Gold Company with art consultation.

Chen Nan—one of the core designers of Olympics mascots Fuwa

As an associate professor of college of fine arts of Tsinghua University, a member of Chinese Artists Association and a national member of the Committee of the China Package Design Association, Chen Nan accepted the invitation from Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games in March 2005 and joined the modification and creation team of the 29th Olympics mascots during the whole course and became one of the core designers of Olympics mascots Fuwa. He currently provides Gofu Gold Company with art consultation.

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