Bank of China

The full name of Bank of China is Bank of China Limited which is one of the five state owned commercial banks whose head office is located at No. 1, Inner Street, Fuxingmen, Beijing.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Founded in 1984, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (full name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited) is the head of the five state owned commercial banks and one of the Fortune Global 500 and is the biggest commercial bank in China that has the largest client base.

China Merchants Bank

Founded on April 8, 1987, China Merchants Bank is the first joint-stock commercial bank completely held by business entity in China headquartered in Shenzhen. Since the foundation of the bank, China Merchants Bank has increased in capital and share four times and successfully launched 1.5 billion common stocks in March 2002. It was listed at Shanghai Exchange on April 9 (stock code: 600036), becoming the first listed company that adopts international accounting standards in China.

Bank of Communications

Founded in 1908, Bank of Communications is one of the earliest four banks and issuing banks in China. On July 24, 1986, the State Council approved the reorganization of Bank of Communications as a financial reform pilot. On April1, 1987, the reorganized Bank of Communications officially opened and became the first state owned joint stock commercial bank in China. Now it is one of the five state owned large commercial banks in China.

China Minsheng Bank

Founded on January 12, 1986 in Beijing, China Minsheng Bank is a national joint-stock commercial bank and financial company that strictly follows the rules of Company Law and Commercial Bank Law. For 16 years, China Minsheng Bank has developed its business, enlarged its scale and received growing profits, keeping good assets quality.

Bank of Jiangsu

Opened on January 24, 2007, the Bank of Jiangsu combined 10 municipal commercial banks at Wuxi, Suzhou, Nantong, Changzhou, Huaian, Xuzhou, Yangzhou, Yancheng, Zhenjiang and Lianyungang in Jiangsu Province and is a stock joint commercial bank built based on the idea of “to unify legal persons, comprehensively dispose non-performing asset, raise new stock to boost capital and build modern banking system”.

Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank

Founded on June 29, 2008, Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank was built by combing the former Chongqing Credit Union, 39 districts and counties Credit Unions together with rural cooperative bank and it is the third (following Shanghai and Beijing) and the first rural commercial bank in the west.

Longjiang Bank

Longjiang Bank Limited (Longjiang Bank) was a limited liability company approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission on November 27, 2009 and formed on the basis of the merger and reorganization of former Qiqihar Commercial Bank, Mudanjiang Commercial Bank, Daqing Commercial Bank and Qitaihe Urban Credit Union.

Hua Xia Bank
Founded in October 1992, Hua Xia Bank is a national joint-stock commercial bank headquartered in Beijing. After it was approved by People’s Bank of China to conduct shareholding reform in 1995, it was transformed into Hua Xia Bank Limited (Hua Xia Bank).

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