Dear friends, welcome to Gofu Gold,

Gofu Gold is built after 15 years’ trials and hardships, with our diligent devotion, unremitting pursuit, and care and support of our friends from all walks of life. Today, Gofu Gold integrates design, processing and mass production of the precious metal, jadeware and jewelry together. With large whole sets of professional equipments, a number of technology patents and intellectual property rights, it has been attracting great attention in the field of precious metal artwork market and the creative cultural industry and has become a comprehensive leading enterprise enjoying a high reputation in the precious metal artwork industry.

Our Gofu’s success stems from its outstanding team striving for excellence. It has the first-rate management, operating and service personnel, designers, technologists and gemmologists. With high-end artistic design, exquisite technique, advanced technology and efficient management, we aim at converting your ideas into a perfect combination of art, wealth, and humanity in a way most conducive to your investment.

Our Gofu People pursue for perfect quality. Gofu People understand quality is more important than gold, that what attracts you is Gofu People's design and technology, what moves you is Gofu People's enthusiasm and consideration, and that what finally wins your trust is Gofu People's personality reflected in the quality of our products.

Our Gofu People pursue that art is endless. Gofu has established strategic cooperative partnership with art palaces like the National Museum, Guanfu Museum, Central Academy of Fine Arts, etc. Gofu People draw artistic inspiration from the collection treasures, resurrect the imperial treasures with the material of precious metal by applying modern advanced technology and add precious metal collection treasures for the strategic partners as well.

Our Gofu People aspire to contribute to the realizing of National prosperity by developing the enterprise. Gofu’s operation sticks to the abidance by law, Gofu’s technology pursues for safety and environmental protection, Gofu’s development takes on social responsibility. We never forget about repaying the society.

Dear friends, please make a whistle stop and come to know Gofu Gold, like a taste of a cup of afternoon tea. We believe that you will find something and get touched. On behalf of our Gofu people, I sincerely welcome you again and you’re always welcomed!


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