Shenzhen Gofu Gold Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Gofu Gold) is an international corporate enterprise dedicated to comprehensive development of cultural inheritance and precious metals’ cultural and creative industry. We are focused on the research, design, processing, marketing and brand operation of the high-end cultural and artistic works and personalized gifts like precious metals in collection level. Founded in 1999 and known as Shenzhen Fuli Industrial Co., Ltd. before, Gofu Gold now have nearly one thousand high-quality talents with all kinds of professional skills and literacy.

Gofu Gold is one of the earliest gold jewelry enterprises that won the "China Famous Brand" in Shenzhen and even the whole country. What’s more, it was one of the Franchising manufacturers and operators of precious metals products in such international events as 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, 2011 Shenzhen University Games and 2012 London Olympic Games in recent years. Adhering to the enterprise values of exploration, innovation, concentration and persistence, Gofu Gold leads the industry development direction and creates a number of first and lead in jewelry industry: the first enterprise inspecting their products in the National Jewellery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the first enterprise pioneering the brand consumption concept in Shenzhen International Jewellery Fair (first holding in 2000), one of the first enterprise using bar code for professional products management, the first enterprise cooperating with Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games and obtain the franchising of manufacturing and operating in precious metals and jewelry products during the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games. Besides, Gofu Gold is also one the precious metals enterprise who can produce Au99999 which is called ‘high pure gold’.

The originality of the cultural precious metal products is ‘quality as the soul of gold’. Gofu Gold attaches great importance to product design and creativity and focuses on the cultivation of the professional designer team. Our company now has many designers in the two product development and design centers in Beijing and Shenzhen. These designers are elites from well-known domestic colleges of art and design or excellent designers from many areas with many outstanding achievements. What’s more, Gofu Gold puts special emphasis on digging and sharing social high-end cultural resources and establishes deep cooperation with authority cultural and artistic institutions like National Museum of China, Guanfu Museum, Xu Beihong Memorial Hall in Beijing and Zhang Songhe Art Fund, and masters in culture and art like cultural collector, Ma Weidu, current curator of Xu Beihong Memorial Hall, Liao Jingwen, Arts and Crafts master, han meilin, contemporary famous sculptor, Qian Shaowu and famous artists, Zhang Fang(the son of Zhang Songhe who is the founder of new Chinese sculpture industry). Among these cooperations, we are devoted to designing and developing precious metal with unique cultural and artistic features to satisfy customers’ higher requirement in culture and art.
Different from general marketing and creative site company, Gofu Gold have our own independent and advanced factories to produce and process precious metal products and with this superiority, it is the only private enterprise gaining recognition from the Bank of China Headquarter among precious metal marketing enterprises in the system of Bank of China. During years of development, the company insists on putting the quality at the first place and has established a strict quality guarantee system. We have passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality system certification in 2007. To strengthen the production and processing, Gofu has imported world leading processing equipment and become one of the leading enterprises, operating with whole industry chain from production to marketing,

Gofu Gold is good at many leading high-tech skills in the production process, such as micro sculptures with nanotechnology, depicting colorful silver, high relief, bas-relief, anti oxidation of solid film and 3D hard gold and it has formed core technologies with company characteristics in the key production processes. Some of these are in leading place in jewelry industry and have reached the international advanced level.

Based on Precious metal marketing innovation and intension of the major domestic commercial banks like Bank of China, ICBC, Bank of Communications and CMBC and China Post in channels system, there are thousands of Gofu Gold branches in more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities throughout the country. This market coverage and share place an important role in the industry. Besides, we also committed to comprehensively explore and develop distribution network like dealer channel, brand retail chain and e-commerce. By developing originality, differing product position, standardizing marketing promotion service and specializing brand operation, Gofu intents to build steady and sustainable development strategy and promote the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise. With professional business and marketing services team, Gofu Gold achieved outstanding contribution on brand construction as well as gained fruitful results in all Channels of marketing innovation and now it has become a precious metal collection model of brand culture, both on enterprise scale and brand reputation and influence.

From the beginning of the business, Gofu Gold made the enterprise development strategy including three parts: product management, brand management and capital operation. They put them into practice and determine to become a leading enterprise in high-end precious metals culture industry in domestic. At present, the company stays in the transition period from brand management to capital operation. Gofu Gold completes the reform of shareholding system in the end of 2011, and their name changed to the current one from Fuli Industrial as well. In order to promote the rapid development of precious metals in domestic, Gofu will invest in building cultural industrial base integrated precious metal produce, research and marketing as a chain. After putting it into operation, Gofu will receive generous annual earnings. At that time, Gofu industrial park in precious metals culture will lead the domestic precious metals industry again and write brilliant chapters among Chinese cultural and creative industry.


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